68 minutes | Jan 6th 2021

Mike Patterson - Co-Founder Alias Cann, Co-Founder Terrapin Select, Owner Intech Services

Mike and Jason kick off the interview by chatting about scotch, Mike goes deep on his journey on what led him to run two successful businesses in the cannabis and CBD industries and shares the deets about his own Podcast, Infused: A Cannabiz Talk Show.

"Find something good to be happy about for this year and set your sights on having a great 2021."

In 2017, Patterson co-founded Alias Cann. By bringing time-tested sales strategies to the dynamic cannabis industry, Alias Cann’s clients - from start-ups to publicly traded companies - have the advantage of scaling B2B sales with trained and motivated sales professionals.

The Alias Cann tagline “No One Grows Alone” defines the company’s view of valuing clients, employees, and community through education and advocacy. With an employee retention rate of 95%, Alias Cann’s corporate culture is notable in the cannabis industry for its employee engagement and wellness emphasis.  Alias Cann employees benefit from the company’s view that leadership should be flat and employees should be inspired and empowered to do their best work. Team structures within Alias Cann contribute to their corporate, community, and personal growth through collaborative leadership opportunities on the company’s Corporate Culture Team, Community Service Team, and Wellness Team. The company also hosts an annual team off-site meeting and offers yoga, beer on tap, and a fitness facility to all employees. In 2018, Patterson sold his interest in The Alias Group to focus his attentions on Alias Cann.

Patterson credits the phenomenal business success to the culture of putting employee success first. His track record of creating high-growth companies proves that when employee success comes first, corporate success always follows and performance and retention rates soar. Besides overseeing Alias Cann’s strategy and corporate culture, Patterson speaks to audiences from 50 to 500 about the ROI of leadership and corporate culture in the cannabis industry.

Patterson holds an MBA in Marketing and a BS in Business Administration. He, his wife, and three sons live in Delaware.

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