67 minutes | Nov 17, 2020

Abigal Kirby Conklin - Poet, Educator, Maker, Doer

Abigal talks about what it took for her to get truly comfortable in her own skin, lets Jason know when she believes it's appropriate to pick someone up at the library and they both share the dichotomy of knowing it's all a long game and then being easily frustrated by not being the best immediately.

"Keep your shit."

Abigail Kirby Conklin is a writer and visual artist with a New York City birth certificate, a Virginian driver's license, a degree from Michigan State University, and a student permit allowing her to enter Ontario, Canada. 

​She is an alumnus of the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities and the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program at MSU, where she studied radical pedagogy, youth development and social justice.

Kirby Conklin has been involved with young people and public education for almost ten years, and is currently doing graduate work at the University of Toronto.


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Artwork by Jordan Snodgrass

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