181 minutes | Jun 6, 2021

TT 200 - Wow 200!

Electric Vehicle Growth: the brands, consumers, and EV public opinion trends in 2021 (Interesting, the social media side of EV adoption)https://www.pulsarplatform.com/blog/2021/electric-vehicle-growth-ev-brands-consumer-trends-in-2021/Online interest in EVs has more than doubled in the past year & “social chatter” has grown 5-fold per Pulsar TRAC (a social media data aggregator)They analyzed over 300k posts & articles authored in the US and UK between Feb 15 – Apr 5, across social and news platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, TikTok, AmazonSearch queries beginning with ‘can…’ can they tow? will they catch fire?Can they charge at home?Can they use the HOV lanes?at-home charging stations emerge time after time as a key point of discussionCompared to the non-Tesla EV audience, people talking about Tesla are younger, more male, and American.brands only making EVs make up almost 45% of the total brand conversationUK: Royal Mail Fully Electrifies Its First Delivery Office (a short story)https://insideevs.com/news/512067/royal-mail-electrifies-first-office/amp/100% electric delivery fleet… at a single UK post office23 formerly diesel vans replaced withPeugeot e-Expert mid-size vansThe electricity for powering the office and for charging the vehicles is from 100% renewable sourcesWhat OS version are you rockin’?Versions of all Tesla updates here: https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updatesMel Model S = 2019.16.2 ??Model 3 = 2020.48.35.11 ??Model X = ??Model Y = 2021.4.6 ??Tom Model 3 = 2021.4.18Robert   2020 Model 3 = 2021.4.18 (4 versions, all bug fixes improvements?!?) as of 06/05/2021Joel In transition...TESLA,THE STOCK & EV STORIES“Hey SIRI, what’s Tesla’s stock price?”Tesla Cybertruck UI patent hints at 610-mile range, eye tracking mirror adjustments (a bit more after touching on this last show, wanted to get Tom & Mel’s input)https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-cybertruck-range-610-miles-patent/partial/?_=1622463422905 Recall the tri-motor Cybertruck was announced with 500+ miles of EPA estimated range, in a series of images in a US Patent Office document we see a range of 610 miles!Images also reveal a much richer User Interface with pitch and clearance data, torque at each wheeleye tracking technology to adjust the vehicle’s mirrors, as well an air conditioning system that tracks passengers for optimum climate control. Several images from the patent also hint at the Cybertruck pulling a 20,000-pound trailer, as well as 20 inches of suspension travel.There areSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/talkingtesla)
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