123 minutes | May 29, 2021

TT 199: The One Before the One Before"

TT199 (the Tesla/EV/tech - Short Legs Show)NEWS:https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/climate-change-exxonmobil-harvard-study-1169682/ Getting organized category:National Drive Electric Week (Month...Year) Coming up in the Fall (Sept 25th to Oct 3rd), keep an eye out for events in your area and organize one to give ICEV drivers a look at your BEV in all it’s glory, https://driveelectricweek.org/events What OS version are you rockin’?Versions of all Tesla updates here: https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updatesMel Model 3 = 2020.48.35.11 ??Model S = 2019.16.2 ??Model Y = 2021.4.6 ??Tom Model 3 = 2021.4.11 ??Robert   2020 Model 3 = 2021.4.18 (bug fixes improvements) as of 05/28/2021Joel Updates on your Tesla plans!! Gonna ‘Yoke’ next Thursday ?TESLA,THE STOCK & EV STORIES“Hey SIRI, what’s Tesla’s stock price?”AUTONOMOUS DRIVING BATTERIES, GIGAFACTORY, ENERGY STORAGESupercharger Update - RR Thank you to supercharge.infoSince our last Tesla focused show, Supercharger activity includes:Open?     (Last show: 108)Construction  ?      (Last show: 95)Permit  ?      (Last show: 65)TodayLast Show(s)TeslaStations:        (2,633, 2,418, 2079)Stalls:(23,544, 21,819, 19,409) Electrify America (funded by Volkswagen’s penalty money)https://www.electrifyamerica.com/locate-charger/  Stations:?(612, 569, 556, 525)Stalls - CCS: ?(2026, 1892, 1856, 1776, 1752)Stalls-CCS-CHAdeMO:? (612, 565, 552, 521, 516)Total: ?(2638, 2457, 2408, 2297)POTPOURRIANNOUNCE THIS EVERY SHOW… ANNOUNCE THIS EVERY SHOW…  ANNOUNCE THIS EVERY SHOW… ANNOUNCE THIS EVERY SHOW...THIS EPISODE of TALKING TESLA SPONSORED BY:You, our viewer & the gracious Patreon Supporters, THANK YOU TO ALL 217 of our  Patreon supporters (Lost a couple as of 1/22/21 was 220)Writing us a review on your podcasting appGive us your money to support production costs:talkingtesla.net/patreonChange Patreon, currently it’s $5/mo minimum.(Or go to TalkingTesla.NET/support (not live as of 1/22/2021).Use our referral code to buy your Tesla or Tesla energy products, go to: www.TalkingTesla.net/SupportJoin your local Tesla Owners Club! Get more Tesla talk, share camaraderie, go oSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/talkingtesla)
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