35 minutes | Sep 14th 2017

Talking Studio [Episode 3] Caitlin Kraus — Reframing Narratives

A board-certified music therapist and musician, graduate student Caitlin Kraus discusses the burning question driving her in pursuit of a duel masters degree in both Music Therapy and Clinical Counseling Education: “How can we use music to help patients reframe their story? How can music be that catalyst?" This conversation occurred in a music practice room in Glidden Hall, in Athens, OH. PODCAST MUSIC: The intro song today is "Dead Man," from "Waiting for the World," the debut 7” by Caitlin Kraus on Keeled Scales records. The song "Waiting for the World" from the same album plays at the end of the episode, used with permission of the artist. Many thanks to Caitlin for sharing her work and research with us at Talking Studio. Snippets of music by artists Komiku and Artem Bemba used under the creative commons attribution, and found on the Found Music Archive. Production: Daniel King and Todd Jacops Graphic Design: Shiva Ghasemi and Marylin Krupa
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