14 minutes | Sep 1st 2017

Talking Sport and Fitness with Zeke | Meet Cheryl Heckman

Cheryl Heckman, owner and operator of the Manor Golf Club in Spring Township, shares with Zeke how she has focused on making golf a more welcoming sport at the public course. Heckman tells Zeke that her goal is to get more women and kids in the game and to make sure people enter the game without an intimidation factor. The Manor Golf Club has earned a reputation centered on the clinics, camps and programs it offers. Heckman tells Zeke that the Manor has the largest instructional program in Berks County. A woman owning and operating a golf club is not the norm, but Heckman tells Zeke that more women are involved than ever in the male-dominated industry. Heckman tells Zeke that while female participation in the sport is up, the industry as a whole is still on the decline. While Heckman said there is a big golf demographic in Berks County, she said fewer people are available to play because of the time factor. However, Heckman tells Zeke that she sees some positivity on the horizon as they aim to capture the next generation of golfers, with sights set on the millennials and emphasizing the health benefits of golf. Heckman also shares with Zeke her story as a certified fitness instructor with the body pump and body step programs at Colonial Fitness Center as well as teaching golf stretching and flexibility.
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