35 minutes | Mar 30, 2023

Fighting for Freight Rail Safety

In this episode of Talking SMART, we’re digging into the fight to improve rail safety at both the state and federal levels in the weeks following the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. 

The East Palestine derailment and other well-publicized accidents since have made clear what SMART-TD and rail labor have been saying for years: Precision Scheduled Railroading is bad for workers, the public and the environment.

SMART-TD Alternate National Legislative Director Jared Cassity and SMART-TD Government Affairs Representative Daniel Banks joined Talking SMART to discuss current efforts to pass state and federal rail safety legislation, as well as how members and allies can get involved.

At the end of this episode, listen to the open mic segment with SMART General President Joseph Sellers, who discusses what SMART is doing to recruit nonunion sheet metal workers and meet the workforce needs presented by megaprojects, infrastructure investment and more.

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