82 minutes | Sep 7, 2020

Ep 45 | Easter – Mary Magdalene with Mandy Green, Come Follow Me 2020 (Mar 30-April 12)

Special guest Mandy Green helps unveil Mary Magdalene by discussing scripture, traditions, and extra-biblical texts.

01:20 – Mythbusting. Mary Magdalene may be the most underrated and misunderstood players in human history.

03:07 – Sin means to miss the mark.

12:16 – Was she named after a fishing village? Magdalene is a tower. Click here for Μαγαδάν.

16:00 – Seven levels of celestial heavens.

25:30 – Mary stays at the cross.

30:19 – Nephi and his Asherah. Read Dan Peterson’s article here.

31:08 – The Savior is the ultimate proponent of women.

32:23 – John 20, resurrection morning.

34:04 – Reading Song of Solomon in a new way.

39:57 – Why does Christ reference himself as the bridegroom?

47:58 – We should turn around and face The Gardener.

50:49 – Traditions about what happened to Mary after Christ is crucified.

53:08 – Symbols of Mary in our modern fairytales.

1:01:30 – Reading the vision from The Gospel of the Beloved Companion.

1:05:19 – Ladies, write yourself into this text.

1:15:28 – The return of the bride heals the land.

1:16:44 – Men and women are intended to be equal partners.

1:19:41 – Mary is unmoved, unflinching, and courageous.

Mandy Green’s website: https://www.mandybrookegreen.com/

Books mentioned in the podcast can be seen here. A segment from Mary’s ascent vision can be read here.

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