65 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Locs and The LGBTQ Community

In this episode of our Everyday People with Locs series on the Talking locs with Locitude podcast; we explore locs and the LGBTQ community. While one person can't speak for all, we make a connection through our guest - Pamela Adie, a Nigerian LGBTQ rights activist, public speaker, screenwriter and filmmaker. She is also the Executive Director of an non governmental organisation called the Equality Hub.The EHTV network and Equality Hub have provided Talking Locs with Locitude listeners a 10% discount to view "Ife" - Pamela Adie's latest production. The movie is available online and can be accessed anywhere on the globe. Details and promo code are in the podcast.Happy listening!This episode is hosted by Ade Balogun and produced by Xavage Media. For feedback and enquires please contact us at info@loc-itude.com, +234.818.900.1122 0r +1.240.733.9047loc-itude.com
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