46 minutes | Apr 1, 2021

Locs and Kids

In this episode of our Everyday People with Locs series on the Talking locs with Locitude podcast; we have two amazing guests Precious Ajoonu who has a personal ambition to inspire critical thinking that leads to positive outcomes for individuals and societies. She is the founder of The Thinking School and currently Head, Youth Engagement and Learning at Jobberman. Also joining us is Aaliyah, Precious's six year old daughter. Both mummy and daughter shed some light on what locs are like for a kid.This episode is hosted by Ade Balogun and produced by Xavage Media. For feedback and enquires please contact us at info@loc-itude.com, +234.818.900.1122 0r +1.240.733.9047 loc-itude.com
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