53 minutes | Jun 19, 2021

Locs and Jamaica

In this season finale episode of our Everyday People with Locs series on the Talking Locs with Locitude podcast; we are joined by Trudy Greenland, a natural hair and loc stylist based in Kingston and Portmore, Jamaica. She is part owner of the Jus Natural hair salon, exercise enthusiast, mother of two, loc head for 20 years and of course a Jamaican.There's no better way to end this series than to travel across the continent to explore locs on the island that gifted the planet Bob Marley and a culture so rooted in our natural crowns in it's loc'd form. Trudy enlightens us on what it means to be loc'd as a Jamaican and on whether or not the stereotypes hold fast. This episode is hosted by Ade Balogun and produced by Xavage Media. For feedback and enquires please contact us at info@loc-itude.com, +234.818.900.1122 0r +1.240.733.9047loc-itude.com
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