55 minutes | Apr 25, 2021

Locs and Fitness

In this educative episode of our Everyday People with Locs series on the Talking locs with Locitude podcast; we explore locs and fitness with Dolly Phillips. Dolly is a power house of a woman; she is the founder of Alpha Fitness Studios, a certified personal trainer, fitness coach, nutritionist, professional latin, ballroom and modern dancer, karate instructor and stage performer. Her story is uber inspiring as she started out as an Engineer.Dolly shares details on her journey through life, locs and fitness.Happy listening!This episode is hosted by Ade Balogun and produced by Xavage Media. For feedback and enquires please contact us at info@loc-itude.com, +234.818.900.1122 0r +1.240.733.9047loc-itude.com
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