37 minutes | May 12, 2020

Dan Madsen: Creator of the Star Wars Insider and Star Wars Celebration

If you've ever read an issue of the Star Wars Insider or attended Star Wars Celebration, you've got today's guest, Dan Madsen, to thank. 

Founder of the Lucasfilm Fan Club, Mr. Madsen got his start as the president of the Star Trek Fan Club, eventually coming to LFL in a time when there were no new Star Wars movies being made.

Whether talking about those early days of the magazine, his cameo in The Phantom Menace, or the rainy start of Star Wars Celebration Denver, Mr. Madsen’s love of the fan community and his passion for projects like Her Universe is evident in every answer.

It really is an honor to have Mr. Madsen on the show, if only to thank him profusely for the Insider articles that are still some of the best, most comprehensive resources out there, for Star Wars fans.

Make sure to check out his newest venture, Svaha, filled with some incredibly cool clothes and apparel, focused on STEAM, at: svahausa.com

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