61 minutes | Jul 29, 2021

Under My Skin

Under My Skin is Elise Krentzel's upcoming coming-of-age memoir. She reveals with humor and candor her nine lives before the age of twenty: overcoming near-death as a child, an upbringing with few boundaries, unmatched dissonance from an abusive mother and a narcissistic father.Declaring her independence as a teenager, Elise discovered her sexuality in the 1970s, explored Europe and its men, and leveraged her innate talent as a writer for international rock and roll magazines. As the youngest journalist on the KISS Constellation Tour in Japan, she negotiated a job with a Japanese music industry megalith and stayed. She was 19.Yet beneath her glamorous street-smart exterior lay a tenderhearted, vulnerable Jewish girl from the Bronx.In 2008, after Elise returned from living in Europe for 20 years she formed ek public relations. It is the culmination of her career adventures and amazing life experiences in 5 countries on 3 continents. She courageously pioneered and built from scratch, successful media and marketing enterprises over the course of her 25+ year career. Starting as a music journalist, she toured with KISS in Japan, then spent the next five years operating the first foreign owned music talent & booking agency in Tokyo.She launched the first privately held interactive digital travel guide publishing house in Europe that offered GPS in the early 90s, and a non-profit AIDS organization in South Africa servicing youth through music video PSA’s.Elise makes the possible probable through her comprehensive no-nonsense communication strategies. She leverages startups and big brands with strategic partners and transforms market share through innovative media approaches that positively impact the bottom line. She’s authored two books, runs two blogs, and loves public speaking. She’s listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the East and sits on several boards.Tune in for this transformational discussion at TalkRadio.nyc or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.Show NotesSegment 1 Welcoming us to today’s show, Sam reads a section from his book Everyday Awakening. In this section, he discusses how creativity is about the joy and the possibilities within us. He also asks: what stops us from being creative? More than anything, he answers, what stops us is not being connected to ourselves. He continues to elaborate on this section of the book, bringing up that he had a teacher who spoke about how the antidote to fear is creation. Sam analyzes this to mean that in order to connect to ourselves to feel the joy of creativity we need to feel good about ourselves. After this brief discussion about creativity, Sam introduces this week’s guest Elise Krentsel. Elise and Sam talk about how Elise was asked to work with KISS, the band, in Japan, even though she didn’t like their music.Segment 2After the break, Sam asks why Elise finally said yes to working with KISS. After answering this question, she describes her move to Japan and how Japan was the antithesis of New York. Next, they talk about how Elise ended up taking another position after the tour and thus, stayed in Japan for five years. Elise describes that her father had no say in the matter, but that her mother definitely encouraged her to pursue this opportunity. Next, Sam asks if it was difficult adjusting to living in another country. Laughingly, Elise clams up, admitting that this question is going to be answered in her second book, and therefore, she can’t fully discuss the answer on the show. However, she does let us know she believes that consciously going to learn about other cultures and other people is how you adapt to a new place. Elise continues that it’s not just learning about another country, it’s living it too.Segment 3 Returning to the show, Sam asks about how Elise felt about New York coming back from Japan. She talks about how different New York is from Japan and how that affected her. She then talks about how far more advanced Japan’s technology was than the technology of the United States. Next, Sam and Elise discuss how Elise started a marketing agency in New York to service Japanese companies. Switching topics, Elise launches into how she eventually ended up going to Northern Europe. During her time in Northern Europe, she explains that she had the opportunity to create the first cds roms that were travel sized. This discussion prompts Sam and Elise to talk about how Elise spearheaded so many things, even talking about how in Japan she became known as the godmother of punk rock. Sam asks if doing so many projects was challenging. Elise answers that yes, but she thrives on it and enjoys being able to be ahead of any curve.Segment 4After our final break of the show, Sam asks why Elise wrote her recent memoir. Elise explains that she is a voracious writer, so much so that eventually she had a collection of over one hundred short stories about her life. Finally, during January of 2020 she decided that it was time to unravel these stories and put them into a trilogy. Excitedly, she lets us know that she has officially started on book two. Sam asks where the title of her first memoir, Under My Skin, came from. Explaining, Elise says the title came from having to peel back all layers of life to get to the core essence of the person she’s always tried to become, however, was already that person. Continuing to elaborate, she talks about how something changed when she gave birth to her son; she started living life by looking within. She describes it this way: the first part of life she lived outward, the second part she spent looking inward. Now, today, she talks about how she currently is living life with the perfect blend of looking outward and inward. Closing the show, she lets us know how to contact her for information about her memoir, giving us the email info@undermyskinbook.com. To contact her further, she lets us know her website is ekpublicrelations.com.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-conscious-consultant-hour8505/donations
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