62 minutes | Aug 12, 2021

Transforming with Transpersonal Psychoanalytical Psychology

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Psychoanalyst, Spiritual Director, Naturopathic Doctor, Aromatherapist, and Fellow TalkRadio.NYC host, Dr. Georgeann Dau.Dr. Dau specializes in Transpersonal Psychoanalytical Depth Psychology, Spiritual Direction, and Holistic Health for all stages and phases of life's journey."I journey with my patients towards finding solutions to a wide range of life's challenges, long standing patterns of behavior, and relationship issues" she says.Dr. Dau has over 20 years experience in individual, couples and family treatment modalities. Blending conventional and alternative approaches, Dr. Dau draws on a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what will be most helpful to the individual needs of each patient.Tune in for this transformational discussion at TalkRadio.nyc or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.Show NotesSegment 1Starting off the Conscious Consultant hour, Sam explores a section of his book Everyday Awakening. In this section, Sam talks about how, essentially, life gives us lessons but it is up to us to learn from them. If we learn from these lessons, the reward is a more joyful, more actualized life, he says. He elaborates that this section of the book was inspired by a conversation with his friend about the concept of free will. What he determined after the conversation is that life presents us with challenges and opportunities all the time, and it is up to us, he believes, to choose to be aware of them. Sam advises that we should focus not on what other people need to learn, but instead, focus more on what we need to learn, and notice when we start judging others. After this discussion, Sam introduces his guest Dr. Georgeann Dau, Psychoanalyst, Spiritual Director, Naturopathic Doctor, Aromatherapist, and fellow TalkRadio.NYC host. They get into a brief summary of Dr. Dau’s journey to where she is today.Segment 2After the break, Sam asks Dr. Dau what the difference is between psychoanalysis and Transpersonal Psychoanalytical Depth Psychology. Dr. Dau explains why she labels it this way, describing what transpersonal and psychoanalytical both mean. Taking a quick turn, Dr. Dau talks about how, more important than your training is who you mentor with. As they continue the conversation, Dr. Dau and Sam begin discussing how we go through life largely unconsciously, Sam summarizes it this way: there are all these programs running around in our brain and some we are aware of and some we aren’t. Psychoanalysis means sitting down and understanding what programs we use for our everyday life and figuring out what doesn’t serve us anymore. Lastly, before going to a break, Sam asks Dr. Dau: What's the difference between psychoanalysis and a psychotherapist? Dr. Dau answers that she doesn’t give solutions like how a therapist does. Instead, she describes, she helps her clients open up on a deeper level to be able to recognize over time the patterns that they have.Segment 3Returning to the show from the break, Dr. Dau talks about how she uses aromatherapy in her practice and how she got into aromatherapy in her twenties. As she describes, most of her training comes from Europe. She uses aromas in adjunct to her treatments, she says. She also brings up how important food can be in the healing process. This prompts Sam to ponder how, in the West, we think of medicine as something we create, something that isn't natural. Returning to food, they talk about how nutrition is important to mental and spiritual health. Dr. Dau puts it best: we live in the body and the body affects us on every level, spiritually and mentally. Shifting to a new topic, she talks about the kind of clients she helps; she helps people with midlife changes, difficulties in relationships, addictions and just people undergoing challenges in general. Before they wrap up this segment, Sam asks how the pandemic has affected her clients. Dr. Dau says she has been able to do much deeper work because there are fewer distractions. Sam then concludes this segment by talking about how many people didn’t have or don’t yet have the practice to help ground them during the pandemic.Segment 4As they return to the final segment of the podcast, Sam asks Dr. Dau what she plans to do next. In short, Dr. Dau says she feels content exactly where she is; she feels so privileged to do her work and she knows, thanks to God, she is leaving a legacy. Sam then asks her if she incorporates God in her work. She answers that she offers to speak to her clients in a spiritual way if they want to be spoken to on a spiritual level. However, she emphasizes, she is not here to convert anyone, but instead, to just walk with people on their journey. Because she is religious, God helps her with her work, but again, it is not her journey to convert her clients. Sam then asks if Dr. Dau has had any spiritual experiences happen during the healing process. She says, yes, it is not unique in her work to experience an elevation of consciousness between herself, the patient and mystery. She calls it love, she says. To close the show, Dr. Dau lets us know where to find her on www.drgdau.com.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-conscious-consultant-hour8505/donations
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