61 minutes | May 27, 2021

Share On Purpose

Terri Maxwell is President and CEO of Share on Purpose, a business cultivator that launches game-changing brands and then mentors emerging leaders to run them.

The Share On Purpose brands include: Shift/Co, Public Benefit Corporation is the leading business growth platform for Conscious Entrepreneurs who want to make the world better AND build a thriving enterprise. Promote On Purpose, a multi-million dollar ROI delivery firm that introduced a revolutionary Performance Guarantee. IGNITE On Purpose, a small business growth company that offers a pay-for performance program and ONLY earns a profit when its clients are earning revenue. Succeed on Purpose, a powerful online training platform that helps professionals reinvent their career toward purposeful work, and also remove the barriers to financial success. Talent On Purpose, which transform companies into great places to work.

In a career that spans more than 25 years, Terri has launched, owned, sold, re-branded or turned-around more than 40 brands, and now serves as a well-known consultant to entrepreneurs seeking to create purposeful businesses. In Terri's spare time, writing is a passion. She is the author of Succeed on Purpose: Everything Happens for a Reason, and the co-author of The New World of Work: From the Cube to the Cloud.

Terri's work has been featured in the New York Times, Success Magazine, and on FOX and CBS. She was named Small Business Mentor of the Year by NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), which highlights how her strengths (business growth) have been married with a passion for serving others.

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Show NotesSegment 1

Sam starts the show with a section of his book, “Everyday Awakening.” Today’s section is called, “Loneliness is about separation from ourselves.” In the past Sam was the kind of man who preferred to surround himself with people but after doing the inner work to understand the things that made him uncomfortable with himself that has changed. Sam introduces his guest Terri Maxwell, President and CEO of Share on Purpose, a business cultivator that launches game-changing brands. Terri has always wanted to make a difference in this world. Using her business acumen, Terri helps entrepreneurs that she believes are making the world better.

Segment 2

Conscious businesses and entrepreneurs approach business very differently. They want to make money but most importantly they want to make a difference in the world. Terri talks about how her and her clients view “effectiveness” and “efficiency” in a way that is different from the average entrepreneur. You can make just as much money but at a different pace and with your impact on the global community and employees in mind. Many traditional businesses will cut corners in order to maintain a profit by practicing unethical labor practices and harming the environment. Terri and Sam note that conscious businesses outperform traditional businesses.

Segment 3

Terri believes that the key to leading from within is to approach with a strong presence. You can’t convince an entrepreneur to do something different until you expand their awareness that there is another way. She also presents many thoughtful questions and lets the universe do its thing. Terri encourages her clients to answer two important questions. Who do we serve and what do they need from us right now?

Segment 4

The benefit of working with other conscious entrepreneurs is that together they can learn to create a sustainable business through collaborative learning. Terri believes that it is not necessary to be a B Corp business, but she is a fan of their gruelling certification process. A business has to pass the test and it gives you a level of assurance that a conscious company has been certified and checked out. Terri shares some tips on marketing your business. To get in contact with Terri and learn about her services, visit www.shiftco.global.

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