62 minutes | May 20, 2021

Sculpt Your Life

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Alexandra Figueredo.

Alexandra has been supporting passionate, mission-driven entrepreneurs, messengers and professionals just like you for over a decade. An internationally renowned Author, Speaker, Coach, Trainer and a Performer, her goal is to help you get clear about your mission, align with your calling and business, feel fulfilled and share your authentic voice and message with the world. As a certified professional coach, happiness trainer and A Course In Miracles study group leader, she inspires and empowers her clients to step up to their highest potential, find what is holding them back and remove the obstacles getting in the way of fulfilling their mission and feeling fulfilled.

As the bestselling author of Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece she produced a practical and inspirational guide to lead readers to discover and focus on their mission, and inspire success and productivity. She is also co-author of a bestselling book Conversations That Make A Difference: Shift Your Beliefs To Get What You Want, which has among other authors, Sharon Lechter and Dame D.C. Cordova.

Passionate about supporting women through social impact, Figueredo is founder and executive director of Latina Founders, a network that aims to empower, educate and support Latinas, women and minority business owners to help level the playing field in business. She spent several years analyzing the needs of arts professionals as co-founder of ArtistaMundo, the first fully bilingual global platform and community for artists that served as a resource for thousands of artists and creative professionals around the world. Prior to that, she started her professional career in business and lending for nearly a decade, most recently as Assistant Vice President and lending officer at a wealth management private bank in Miami. During her years in the corporate world, she realized her legacy was to give back to others, which drove her to work in philanthropic measures and supports arts educational, therapeutic and promotional services for underserved individuals and communities.

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Show NotesSegment 1

Opens with a section from his book “Everyday Awakening.” Today’s section is titled, “Sitting still allows us to be more present towards ourselves and others.” Sam believes that those moments spent sitting still with yourself will help you see where the deep inner work needs to be done. Once you can be present with yourself you can be present with other people. Sam introduces his guest Alexandra Figueredo. In addition to her coaching, she is an intuitive healer, a certified Happy For No Reason trainer, and a certified dance instructor.

Segment 2

Sam asks Alexandra why she changed her career. Alexandra was a banker at Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust. She loved working there but she didn’t love what she was doing. After reading the books, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “The Success Principles” Alexandra reflected on her strengths and interests. While reading she noticed a misalignment in this and her current career. Alexandra joined her sister’s startup while she trained to get her Masters in communication. Her first year she ran out of her savings. Being the resourceful woman she is, Alexandra wrote her first book and became a coach that year.

Segment 3

Alexandra shared her journey to becoming a Happy For No Reason trainer. In order to help her clients turn their passion into a career Alexandra suggests you start by discovering their mission. This can be done by looking for four key elements. What would you do if money wasn’t a concern, why you would do it, your unique ability, and your story. Once you understand your mission you can construct you million dollar mission.

Segment 4

Look into what you’re passionate about. If you are struggling to think of something that can immediately be translated into a career, start with hobbies and things you like to do for fun. In her experience you will be happier and the passion will lead you closer to your mission. On May 21’s Alexandra will be hosting an online event on www.missiontomillionsseries.com. www.missionbasedbranding.com.

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