62 minutes | Aug 27, 2021

How To Stay Centered & Grounded In Your Power

Nomi Bachar, is a trained psychotherapist and holistic spiritual counselor. She is a self-healing, self-actualization expert and coach. She is the director of White Cedar Institute for Expanded Living LLC and the creator of Gates of Power(R) Method.The Method is experiential, creative, and spiritual, it assists participants in reaching holistic integration, empowerment, and fulfillment. Ms. Bachar has been working with individuals, couples, and groups for the last 29 years, as well as lecturing and facilitating workshops.Alongside her counseling and training, Ms. Bachar has an extensive background as a multidisciplinary performing artist. Her artistic background includes acting, dance, choreography, producing and writing.Nomi has dedicated herself to empowering people through the Gates of Power(R) Method. Her mission and passion are the exploration and expansion of human potential and the ways it can be achieved through transformation, creativity and leading a life of contribution.Sam and Nomi will discuss how to stay centered and grounded in your power during challenging times.Tune in for this enlightening conversation at TalkRadio.nyc or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.Segment 1The segment starts off with Sam reading an excerpt from his book, Everyday Awakening, to talk about how learning even while we’re down and in the dark is a valuable skill in life. After, he discusses the importance of admitting that you’re uncomfortable and being present with others. After he finishes talking about his book, Sam introduces the guest of the hour, Nomi Bachar, a returning guest of the show. Sam asks Nomi how she started with her empowerment and Gates of Power(R) Method and she responds that it was her therapist who insisted that she should also become a therapist. They finish the section by talking about why she created the method; Nomi noticed that most practices didn’t include the person as a whole, body, mind and spirit, when working on them and she wanted to change that.Segment 2Following the first segment, Sam and Nomi return to talk about the Power(R) Method. Sam asks Nomi why “gates” are called gates in the first place. Nomi introduces the 7 gates and explains that they are the pathways the human body goes through, hence why they are called gates. Then she goes on to describe the two elements of the soul: emotional and defensive. She expounds that people need to learn how to differentiate between the two using their “expanded” self, a state of mind where you’re more observant. They finish the segment with an example of a depressed client who was able to find more compassion for herself by stepping into her expanded self.Segment 3After the break, Sam and Nomi get to talk about how the Gates of Power Method can help people feel more grounded in this uncertain time. Nomi explains that when people get stressed, they become defensive, disconnecting them from their emotional side, and because of being disconnected like this, people compensate and live with a compensating mindset. In order to be grounded, Nomi clarifies, you must stay connected to your feelings and spiritual nature. Take time for yourself everyday to get in touch with your feelings and relax your defensive side. In the final part of this segment, they discuss how meditation is key in helping stay grounded, but many people don’t consider it. Like how working out requires you to work out every part of your body, you must take your mental health and spiritual health into consideration when trying to stay grounded.Segment 4In this finale, Sam and Nomi discuss loss and how you could deal with it using Nomi’s method. She talks about life being full of loss and rebirth. If you experience a loss, it will be devastating and you must allow yourself to feel these feelings. But you must also look at it in a wider view, gently coaching yourself. Nomi’s method is only a tool for you to treat yourself and helps you to be self-reliant. It is not her that helps you, it is you that helps you. They finish off the episode with Nomi giving her website, https://www.gatesofpower.com Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-conscious-consultant-hour8505/donations
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