63 minutes | Sep 3, 2021

Following Hawks

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Earth Tender and Portal Keeper, Amy Dempster.Amy helps in understanding the healing power of the earth. What began as openly sharing her spiritual journey on her popular blog Following Hawks, has become a resource for others wanting to learn how to communicate with nature and share their own unique healing gifts with the earth.Together with the Spirits of the Land in the mountains of northwest Montana, she tends seven portals on the land where she lives, along with any grid keeping work she is assigned. She also leads the Earth Tenders Academy, an immersive online journey to help others reestablish their connection with their ancient ancestors, learn to communicate with the seen and unseen forces in their environment and respectfully offer their healing energy to places in need.Amy is also the host of the podcast The Earth Keepers.Tune in for this enlightening conversation at TalkRadio.nyc or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.Segment 1Sam starts off the show giving his condolences to the people who got caught up in the recent storms and continues with a reading from his book that talks about the paradoxical thinking of slowing down in life to achieve something quicker and be more present in life. After he talks about his book and where to get it, he introduces the special guest, Amy Dempster, and asks Amy when she first got her spiritual awareness from. Amy explained that it only started developing as an adult where she discovered that the trees were talking to her and her path evolved from there.Segment 2Sam begins the second segment by asking Amy what got her started on her spiritual awakening. Amy recounts that she started encountering hawks, increasing in quantity and frequency as she went on. She investigated why the hawks were following her and, while she never found a concrete reason, she believes that the hawks were there to get her into spiritual learning. Her research almost led her to want to be more in tune with nature. She also received messages from the universe that gave her signs that made her think that nature was calling out to her, such as Amy finding a bag to pick up litter with on the street after she forgot hers at home. Then, Sam asks Amy when she started telling her story online. She explains that, initially, she was afraid to talk about it with others so she began with an anonymous tumblr account before finding her courage to start her blog a year later.Segment 3In this segment, Sam and Amy delve deep into what an Earth Tender and Portal Keeper is and what her training is like. Amy defines that a portal is where two energy lines intersect and create a vortex of energy. Depending on the frequencies they are tuned to, different energies can come and go through the portal. Next, Amy defines that Earth Tenders are a general term which describes those who care about the Earth and want to reconnect with the Earth.Segment 4Sam opens the segment with an anecdotal experience he had during a meditation session that had him seeing a vision of the oceans being choked with the garbage we threw in. He then asks Amy why it is important for people to connect with the Earth. Amy explains that connecting is integral to our health so that we coexist with Mother Nature instead of pushing her away. Due to the pandemic and everybody feeling burnt out, Amy believes that more people have been searching for a way to help with our exhaustion, and thus discovering how to connect and communicate with the environment around us. This leads into Sam closing out the episode by asking Amy to give advice on how we could deal with the chaotic weather around us like the storms, wildfires, and record-breaking heat that happens every summer. Amy advises people to communicate, connect, and send love to the weather. Embracing and sending love to the weather tells it that you welcome the natural weather patterns to return.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-conscious-consultant-hour8505/donations
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