61 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

Being Curious On The Adventure

This week, it's just you and Sam as he discusses all about the power of curiosity, and how it can help us on this adventure we call life.Sam will talk about his experience on a recent retreat, and how when we dance with the unknown from a place of curiosity, we avoid the pitfalls of judging what is in front of us.Join the conversation! Email Sam with your questions and comments or tune in live on Facebook to be a part of this fascinating episode!Tune in for this enlightening conversation at TalkRadio.nyc or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.Show NotesSegment 1On today’s episode of the Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam begins the episode by reading and discussing a section from his book Everyday Awakening. He talks about what it means to let go and the ways in which letting go can help us in our everyday lives. Emphasizing our health, he advises that, especially if it isn’t serving us, to not “push” through life but to instead find some way to surrender.Segment 2After a short break, Sam introduces the topic of the show: being curious while on the adventure. Sam points out that curiosity is one of our greatest tools because if we can shift from judgement and resistance into curiosity, suddenly we can find all kinds of ways to get through what we’re dealing with, and overall, more easily work through a difficult time. Sam gives some examples in his own life in which curiosity served him, including how curiosity led him to be able to take over Talking Alternative Broadcasting.Segment 3Sam reiterates what we just discussed in our last section, how curiosity can help us not only through difficult times but to just embrace life, before opening up about working with his friend and teacher Jennifer Hough. He launches into the story of how he ended up being able to attend a retreat that she led recently. Essentially, they worked out a deal for Sam to be able to join her advanced program called The Flight School. In the program The Flight School, there are three retreats included, and thus, Sam was able to attend the first of the three retreats last week. He talks about the connections he made with the other people in the retreat and how curiosity aided him throughout the process of making these connections.Segment 4Following the last break, he dives further into how the retreat went. He explains there was not necessarily a set agenda, but rather, Jennifer spent time answering plenty of questions, allowing the people’s questions to guide what she talked about. Sam then goes into talking about how Jennifer’s retreat was similar to another past workshop he attended. He describes that it was essentially organized chaos, but that everything that needed to get done got done. Finally, comparing it to the excerpt from his book we talked about earlier, Sam points out that when we stop pushing so much or holding so tightly to things, and use curiosity and openness, we are able see what is right here right now.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-conscious-consultant-hour8505/donations
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