2 minutes | Mar 9th 2017

Talking About Horses Podcast with Di Denton - Introduction. Episode 1

Di Denton introduces the Talking About Horses podcast series.In the Talking About Horses podcast series you’ll hear interviews with all sorts of interesting horse people from all fields of horse activities – from trail riding to team penning, endurance to eventing plus showjumping, dressage, western riding, working equitation, campdrafting and much, much more.  You'll explore the fascinating fields of saddle fitting, equine natural therapies, beach holidays with your horse, bitless riding, pasture management, horse dentistry and so much more.  Di Denton reckons there’s always more to learn, that you can always learn something from everyone or anyone,  and that there are many ways of becoming a more knowledgable horse person.   Plus, Di just loves talking about horses (and everything related to horses) and hearing other peoples stories particularly horse peoples stories!The Talking About Horses podcast is brought to you by Muddy Creek Rain Gear – riding rain gear that really works.  Check their range of equestrian wet weather clothing out www.muddycreekraingear.com.au 
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