17 minutes | Mar 9th 2017

Horse Welfare Horse Charity - Everyday Heroes For Horses - Talking About Horses podcast with Di Denton, Episode 6

Di Denton talks with Jo Briggs and friends about Horse Welfare,  a Hunter Valley based registered horse charity and their ongoing efforts to help horses.Horse Welfare was formed to support and co-ordinate the rehabilitation and rehousing of horses in Australia. Horses who may have been neglected, left behind, forgotten, mistreated or simply unable to be cared for by their owners.Not all of these horses come from homes where they were not loved. In fact, a large percentage of horses in the current climate are victims of drought or flooding in parts of our country. Their families are suffering, livelihoods are being threatened and the horses are simply victims passed on by regretful owners. Others come from homes where their owners were simply not educated appropriately in the care or management of horses. And sadly, some do come from backgrounds of complete neglect, abandonment and careless breeding programs.
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