52 minutes | Apr 3rd 2019

EP 154: Artem Lobov and Bare Knuckle FC, Art Lovely, Sulem Urbina

Talkbox episode has some personality for you! One might say too much since we cut it into two. In part one, we have Artem Lobov and Davis Feldman promoting the big move to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Artem shows off just a smidge of personality while Davis shares big plans for the promotion.

The podcast goes from 0 to 100 and then back to a calming tone with the great Art Lovely joining the podcast! What still excites the soon to be 91 year old friend of the podcast? Listen in and soak up some wisdom from this insightful conversation.

Last, but not least, in part one of this episode is 9-0 female fighter out of Mexico, Sulem Urbina. Sulem has some good answers for Mike when asked about the pressures women have in fighting and also gives an update of what promising land her career is headed towards.