45 minutes | May 7, 2021

#084 Shootin The Financial $h!t: Katie and A.J.'s Home Buying Journey

The American dream...A number of episodes back we spoke to real estate and lending experts (#078 Real Estate & Lending in a Pandemic and Beyond with Kelly Kline & Tyler Hagerla) to discuss the wild and crazy 2020 and what 2021 and beyond could look like for the residential real estate market. This week we sit down and shoot the financial $h!t with our very own Katie Utterback. Katie and her husband A.J. just recently closed on their first ever home. Congrats! We know what a crazy experience it is for first time home buyers in the current market. Katie takes us through their journey, the highs and the lows, the stresses and the thrills. Sit back, relax and join us for the real dos and don'ts of buying a home in 2021 - with a few laughs along the way.Support the show (https://www.sdflc.org/help-sdflc/donate/)
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