7 minutes | May 6th 2019

16 - The Best T-Shirt Giveaway of all Time

Word of mouth influences 50% of all purchases. But did you know that in B2B, word of mouth influences 91% of all purchases!  

This might shock you, but let’s think about it for a second. Most B2B companies come across as… I’ve got to say it… boring.  

So, when a B2B company puts just a TINY twist on things, they can unlock a torrent of customer story-telling.   

Now, the majority of examples I’ve told you about on previous episodes of this show are from B2C companies. But this time, you’ll learn how a 47 year-old, lumber company has stopped spending thousands of dollars on ads by coming up with a truly remarkable Talk Trigger. 

Find out how a B2B manufacturer in northern California has turned their customers into their greatest marketing advantage. 

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