9 minutes | Apr 10th 2021

100 - Teacher in Chinese with ShaoLan and Lucid Dreaming Teacher Charlie Morley

Lucid dreaming specialist Charlie Morley shares invaluable insights as to why teachers are highly respected in Far Eastern culture and his own journey to accepting the title of the teacher himself. And find out which language ShaoLan most often dreams in! Read extended show notes for this episode here: https://www.chineasy.com/talk/lessons/100-teacher/ Explore various topics, special guests, and expansive list of useful Chinese phrases on Talk Chineasy website! goo.gl/VJ8plT Want to practice the pronunciation of words taught in this episode? Have fun learning with activity sheets, recap video, coloring book, and more. Become a Golden Chineasian to enjoy exclusive premium content! goo.gl/vjbtL9
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