53 minutes | Oct 31, 2020

Tales of New Albion (S2)- Halloween Special the Third

Wooooooh! And now on the Light Programme it's time for Hallowe'en Special the Third, and this time it actually is Hallowe’en! Or is it? Yes, it really is! Our story this week is All Hallow's Eve at Wurrelds End by that spawn of satan - Nils Visser. It is read as always by the ghastly ghost of Theodore Pilkington-Rhubarb. Nightmares optional. WARNING: May include goats. Tunes by the devil’s own mistress: Charlotte Savigar. Digital artwork by the hound dog of hell: Corin Spinks. For more information about Nils Visser go to: https://nilsnissevisser.co.uk/
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