109 minutes | Dec 23rd 2020

228. Christmas in the Wizarding World

The Muggle Josh Brown returns and joins Joe and Marissa to discuss Christmas in the Wizarding World! They break down the Demiguise, talk about a spell that'll give you antlers in Anteoculatia, and argue over Christmas Magic in Truth or Lies!   Show Notes: https://www.talesfromgodricshollow.com/episode-228/   Marissa - @RissaRoo312 Joe - @CustomVinylLush Show - @TalesFromGH Josh - @TheNoyse Email - TalesFromGodricsHollow@gmail.com Website - www.TalesFromGodricsHollow.com Facebook - www.facebook.com/talesfromgodricshollow    Thank you to ALL of the Patreon supporters!!! We can't do all of this without you all! Support us on PATREON! www.Patreon.com/TalesFromGodricsHollow   Christmas, Spellio Revelio and E-Mail sounds/beds came from https://musicradiocreative.com/
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