58 minutes | Feb 13, 2013

Episode 45 - How and Why to Start a Meetup...

Episode 45 - How and Why to Start a Meetup                                      Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe to RSS Download MP3 Miles Sterrett joined us to discuss how he got roped into hosting a Ruby meetup and why he does it. If you’ve been considering starting a meetup or wonder what’s involved give this a listen. Show notes Why?:  You’re selfish. You want to lean on others to get better at your craft. You’re unselfish. You want to help others, maybe the whole community, get better at your craft. Both! Ideally, you want to get better, and you want others to get better. How? Get the Word Out (Meetup.com, IndyHackers, Twitter) Make it fun Find a Business Looking to Hire Meeting Attendees (if you need sponsorship) Talentopoly links - Noteworthy links posted on Talentopoly in the last two weeks The Golden Ratio: a designer’s guide Responsive Carousel Project: Now Open Source draper - Decorators/View-Models for Rails Applications Raspberry Pi Gets Own App Store: … Make It Even Easier For Kids To Get Coding And Earn From Apps
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