79 minutes | Aug 17, 2012

Episode 37 - Scalable Marketing Techniques and Tactics...

Episode 37 - Scalable Marketing Techniques and Tactics                                      Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe to RSS Download MP3 David Nevogt joins us to talk about his strategies as an Internet marketer. We discuss the importance of content and links in the eyes of search engines, building out a network of secondary sites and how to send “warm” traffic to your primary site. But most importantly David shares tips and techniques for scaling your content creation and link building strategies so that you don’t have to spend 10 hours a day working on this. Show notes Goals of what you are trying to do important to realize that with all of this stuff you are not trying to create content for your own site that is really going to convert user to your brand from a competitor or whatever. You ARE trying to get leads and send them to your converting site… you can do this through exact match domains (search traffic) a youtube channel an automated twitter account etc… The idea is to introduce people to your brand and your product - you want to have tentacles everywhere… Content Generation What you need long text unique content - 1000 words plus (this is what is ranking well now) short content for blog posts video images. How can I scale this? buying cheap (video and text)  text - spinning 85+ % unique - needs to be done very well in order to be effective.  start with a very good base and get good syntax - do individual word spins copyscape API or dupecop.com image flipping - imagur account and converthub - google sees as unique and gives credit fivver for video or odesk - or animoto api Links to promote the content and boost it linking to deep pages for safety set up this content deep into your site.  site.com/topic link to this page instead of your homepage - latest algorithm is page based this means if you are linking to homepage and you get penalized you are screwed - but if one page of your site (deep) - you are def not screwed. diversity is key diversity in anchor text not over 20% for any specific anchor text use branded phrases and generic diversity in the type of links you are obtaining social video high PR authority blog comments web 2.0 props edu properties scaling it odesk - most people on there dont know what they are doing and it ends up being a waste of time for linkbuilding have an exact blueprinted plan of what you expect them to do on a daily basis.  Should be able to get someone for about 4$ an hour that is good. linkvana.com does pretty much everything very fast multiple accounts that you manage Talentopoly links - Interesting links posted in the last two weeks jQuery 1.8 Released Bootswatch: Free themes for Twitter Bootstrap DMD Panorama Opens API To Power Panoramic Photos In Any App Github’s CSS Styleguide Things I didn’t know about the WebKit inspector
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