78 minutes | Jul 6, 2012

Episode 34 - How Not to Hire a Developer...

Episode 34 - How Not to Hire a Developer                                      Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe to RSS Download MP3 Mikel Berger from Delmar Information Technologies joins us on the podcast to discuss how not to approach a developer. We discuss the various types of clients and how to handle them. You’ll be laughing out loud when you hear what we have to say becuase you have no doubt run into a few of these clients. The “I have an idea and if you write all the code and do everything I’ll split 50% of the revenue with you” guy The “do you know a good student” guy The “I’m sure this is simple for someone like you” guy The “we must use X technology” guy (where X is the totally wrong technology but his distant relative suggested it) The “the first version must every possible feature and scale for a million users” guy The “let’s not discuss my budget” guy The “you must sign my NDA before we talk” guy The “I need this 6 month project done in 2 months” guy The “you need to make my crappy software less crappy” guy Some great Talentopoly posts from the past 2 weeks MVC is dead, it’s time to MOVE on. The Pastry Box Project TinyPNG – Compress PNG images while preserving alpha transparency 2012 — Node.js Knockout Action.IO
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