44 minutes | Aug 11, 2020

Talent-Ed | Episode 2 - Tom Portingale on employee advocacy and credible employer brands

Tom Portingale started his career in journalism, before moving into press and media relations. He joined Nationwide over five years ago, before making the switch to recruitment advertising. He now leads employer branding for the UK's biggest building society, an organisation that fields over 90,000 job applications per year. In this podcast, Tom talks through Nationwide's employer branding strategy (03:00), why it's important businesses think about content 'design' as well as marketing (12:30), the power of employee advocacy in building candidate audiences (24:40), and why off-boarding is important for building a credible employer and consumer brand(28:40). Like, subscribe, and leave a comment. www.chapter2.agency www.linkedin.com/company/chapter2-agency/
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