36 minutes | Apr 15th 2018

The Power of an Informed Choice [Ep. 18]

The Breast Podcast host Casey talks to prophylactic mastectomy patient and human force of nature Tina Ruark-Baker. After choosing to undergo a prophylactic mastectomy due to genetic risk and a history of cysts, Tina took issue with the lack of options most surgeons offered breast reconstruction patients. Tina eventually chose a surgeon who introduced her to an emergent technology--AeroForm by AirXpanders. She has been thrilled with her AeroForm experience. In fact, she has made it her mission to inform women worldwide of this new technology and to encourage them to take the concept of informed consent by the horns. In this episode she explains how she came to choose AeroForm. She emphasizes the importance of education and options for those considering breast reconstruction. 
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