57 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

Redefining Wellbeing Through Transformative Technology With Nichol Bradford

Technology has a transformative power over the world. Whether it takes us to a place of chaos or to a place of greater wellbeing is up to us. Hidden behind the noise is a small, global pool of forward-thinking innovators who are taking the preliminary steps in harnessing the full power of technology to improve human life. Wellbeing tech curator, Nichol Bradford is one of these people. The CEO and founder of the Willow Group and co-founder of Transformative Tech Lab, Nichol sets out on a mission to weave wellbeing and technology together to produce a range of practical possibilities that can transform the world as we know it. In this conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton, she shares a number of powerful illustrations of how this idea works in practice. Plus, see what you can learn about the bracelet that she is wearing (It has superpowers).

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