144 minutes | Oct 18, 2021

Take It Personal (Ep 96: In The Year 2000)

We're back and we're going back, way back. Back to the new millennium where hip-hop was thriving, the DIY backpack era started to fizzle, but the major labels swooped in and were plucking groups one by one. Collabos were in full effect and more noticeably than in years past, very cross-coast friendly. The independent game was coming off a stellar '99 with the release of Operation: Doomsday, but powerhouse labels like Interscope, Def Jam and MCA started to infiltrate and influence while changing landscape of hip-hop. Outkast released Stankonia. Eminem dropped he Marshall Mathers LP and the Wu came with the underwhelming The W. Each week we were force-fed videos by Black Eye Peas, Wyclef Jean, Jay-Z and Mystikal. 2000 was a pivotal time in music. The Rawkus dominance was slowly winding down and many of our favorite rappers starting yearning more and more for that commercial success, indirectly alienating their fan bases. Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre controlled much of the market and Dre's 2001 album, which released in 1999, made everyone rethink their production. No longer were the days of lo-fi beats or low-budget anything. Production had to be sonically rich, with heavy bass lines, strings, powerful synths and sporting soulful vocals. On episode 96, we play some of our favorites that came out in the new millennium with music from Ghostface Killah, Xzibit, Dilated Peoples, Zion I, Blackalicious, Screwball and M.O.P. to name a few. At the break, we reminisce about 2000, The Spitkicker Tour, burning CDs off Napster and Limewire, Sega Dreamcast and select or sleeper albums of the year. www.takeitpersonalradio.com www.patreon.com/TakeItPersonal Follow us on Instagram @takeitpersonalradio
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