79 minutes | Aug 14th 2017

Episode 017 The Lady Ascends

Quickie Before the Guest: Sex with Sex Geeks at Woodhull! A few details about the play parties and fun we had after-hours at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2017.   This Weeks Guest: The Lady Ascends is a Love Witch and a Multimedia artist specializing in the darkest corners of occult mystery and human nature. Lover of motherhood, comics, and podcasts. She is a master of many voices, which were blowing Tanya & Megan’s mind, as you’ll see in the beginning of this recording. Some Things Discussed in this Episode: How she became a witch, specifically a Love witch. The “Little Death”- release by orgasm and using that energy to manifest what you want. Religion & Satanists. Sympathetic Magic. Sexual Intrusive thought disorder and how it plays into her BDSM lifestyle. Follow The Lady Ascends: Instagram.com/DarkSparkofDeath Links mentioned: Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit Swingtowns - Poly, Swinging & Fetish lifestyle site Lucy Stone Apparel - Purchase a SUCK MY CLIT T-shirt and support a great cause Join the conversation: TakeBackYourSex@gmail.com Be sure to check out the blog at Take Back Your Sex  follow us on Instagram: Take Back Your Sex Twitter: @TakeBackYourSex
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