83 minutes | Aug 7th 2017

Episode 016: The Story of Ryot Toys

Quickie Before the Guest: The oral sex gender gap is real, and it’s not okay! Share your experience with us… TakeBackYourSex@gmail.com This Weeks Guest: This year Anthony Alvarez started his new business, Ryot Toys, making unique horror genre/ movie-inspired sex toys. He strives to make not only high quality toys, but toys that will spark the imagination in and out of the bedroom! Some Things Discussed in this Episode: How Ryot Toys came to be & what inspires each toy. The process of making molds and sex toys. Geeking out over Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Disney. Coming out as gay & as a sex toy maker. Finding release in creativity. Dating with social media, and how Anthony’s open relationship kept him and his ex together longer. Enjoy! Follow Anthony:www.Instagram.com/Ryot_Toys  www.etsy.com/shop/RyotToys Links Mentioned: http://metro.co.uk/2016/08/26/the-oral-sex-gender-gap-is-real-and-its-not-okay-6092821/#ixzz4p69q5seV Join the conversation: TakeBackYourSex@gmail.com Be sure to check out the blog at Take Back Your Sex  follow us on Instagram: Take Back Your Sex Twitter: @TakeBackYourSex
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