96 minutes | Jul 31st 2017

Episode 015: The Goddess of Los Angeles

Quickie Before the Guest: Some thoughts on the article ‘Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex’ by Ferrett Steinmetz. It is okay to talk to your kids about sex and wish them an awesome sex life, as scary as that may sound. This Weeks Guest: Goddess Grace Marie, also known as the Goddess of Los Angeles, is a Shawombmxn, professional Dominatrix, and most importantly, a professional Shame Lifter. Performance art is her first love, and she is currently on a year long journey and performance piece titled “The World is Other People”. Some things discussed in this episode: The current project the Goddess is working on and why it’s so relevant now. How the Goddess got into BDSM and what kind of Domme she is. The feminine divine. 4th wave feminism. Do spirituality and sexuality have to stay separate? Lifting shame to heal, and more. We hope you enjoy this week's episode. Follow Goddess Grace Marie: http://thegoddessoflosangeles.com/ http://www.meetgracemarie.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/madamgracemarie Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madamgracemarie/ Links mentioned: https://goodmenproject.com/ethics-values/brand-dear-daughter-i-hope-you-have-awesome-sex/ Join the conversation: TakeBackYourSex@gmail.com Be sure to check out the blog at Take Back Your Sex  follow us on Instagram: Take Back Your Sex Twitter: @TakeBackYourSex
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