60 minutes | Jul 24th 2017

Episode 014: Introducing Sex Coach Leigh

  Quickie Before the Guest: Teen Vogues Guide to Anal Sex - the internet went wild! Hear our thoughts. Want to share yours? TakeBackYourSex@gmail.com This Weeks Guest: We are so excited to introduce our new resident SEXPERT- Sex Coach Leigh Montavon of Your Sexual Revolution. Leigh is  a Certified Sex Coach and Clinical Sexologist who specializes in working with, and is strongly connected to, the LGBTQIA+, kink, and non-monogamous communities. Some things discussed in this episode: What is sex coaching? Sexual “performance anxiety”. Megan’s question to Leigh- “should I cum more?” Language around orientation and identifying how you feel comfortable. Some thoughts about bi-pride. Reclaiming the words queer, slut, and sex-worker. Some experiences Tanya and Leigh had in the BDSM dungeon. Find Sex Coach Leigh: Your Sexual Revolution Instagram Twitter Facebook Links mentioned: Anal Sex- What you need to know... Join the conversation: TakeBackYourSex@gmail.com Be sure to check out the blog at Take Back Your Sex  follow us on Instagram: Take Back Your Sex Twitter: @TakeBackYourSex
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