56 minutes | Jul 17th 2017

Episode 013: Stepping off the Relationship Escalator with Amy Gahran

Quickie Before the Guest: Sorry, but you need to care about Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Why do white women and non-sx workers get more sympathy and protection than women of color & strippers…? We need to be outraged.   This Weeks Guest: Megan and Tanya speak with Amy Gahran, author of “Stepping off the Relationship Escalator- Uncommon Love and Life.” We discuss her journaling career that led to this book, and how relationships can work a LOT of different ways, SO WHAT? Some things discussed in this episode: Being on the asexuality spectrum, why some people cannot come out about their alternative relationships, ethical monogamy versus consensual non monogamy, and why monogamous couples/singles  would be interested in this book. Buy the book: Get a signed copy from http://offescalator.com/ 10% off with the code TAKEBACK at checkout. Get the kindle version *Look out for our Instagram Book Giveaway of Stepping Off the Relationship Escalator soon* follow us there @TakeBackYourSex Links mentioned: Sorry, but you need to care about Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Join the conversation: TakeBackYourSex@gmail.com Be sure to check out the blog at Take Back Your Sex  follow us on Instagram: Take Back Your Sex Twitter: @TakeBackYourSex
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