48 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

Dr. Deborah Birx: “Moms Out There, Call Your Sons!”

Dr. Deborah Birx, former Trump White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator and renowned global HIV/AIDS leader, spoke to us about a rich assortment of issues: the recent drama surrounding her statements about the Trump administration; her almost 7 months on the road across America, far from Washington, visiting with 44 governors; the corrosive divisions in our society; what might cure vaccine hesitancy; President Biden’s early achievements; DOD’s profound contributions; the secret power of millennials and retailers; the potential value of a 9/11 Commission, and more. “This virus does not recognize party. .. The more we make this pandemic partisan, the more it divides us.”  “I have worked in pandemics that were highly politicized… that creates vulnerabilities, we could not see it here.” In March, 2020, people were listening, responding to science and data, how to stop the spread, what it might do to our health system. Then the focus swiftly morphed to the economy. “For those of us who stayed.. we believed we could recapture how severe this pandemic is.” By the fall, “we were never able to move people to testing as a public health measure in itself.”    On vaccine hesitancy, her message to all mothers: “No matter what age your son, tell him for your peace of mind to get vaccinated.” “To daughters and sons, call your dads.” “Do it for your family.” 


Dr. Deborah Birx is Senior Fellow at the George W. Bush Institute. 

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