39 minutes | Feb 3, 2021

TB12-Anons, 2021 Super Bowl thoughts & the Next Patriots QB ft. Greg Bedard

Chris Gasper is joined by Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal. Bedard is here to call Gasper out for being a TB12-Anon and crediting just Tom Brady for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers being in the 2021 Super Bowl. Bedard still believes the Patriots can win with any of the top 15 NFL QBs. They may be on opposite sides of the isles when it comes to the Brady vs. Belichick debate, but the two can thankfully agree on another ex-Patriots QB and his possible return. Bedard shares a very telling Brady story. Lastly, producer Ellen Fleming asks the question everyone wants to know: What foods make Greg Bedard’s Super Bowl spread game-plan? Email the Take 5 podcast at Take5@WCVB.com Follow Chris Gasper and WCVB on Twitter @CGasper & @WCVB
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