46 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

Lynchie doesn’t like the looks of the Celtics and Red Sox

The man, the myth, the Boston sports broadcasting legend Mike Lynch returns to give us his insights on the Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, and the Kardashian clan. Lynchie shares his view on what's ailing the underperforming Celtics and lets you know whether they're championship contenders or pretenders. It wouldn’t be a lecture from Professor Lynch if he didn’t bring out his notebook to rattle off some stats – just hope he doesn’t break out his red pen for grading. He shares his level of optimism for the Sox and hops in the way back machine to the last time so little was expected from them and Lynchie provides his prescription for the Patriots at quarterback. Hint: It involves houndstooth. Finally, producer Ellen Fleming and Lynchie share a bond and a love of pop culture references; she just wasn't alive for any of the ones Mike makes. Email the Take 5 podcast at Take5@WCVB.com Follow Chris Gasper and WCVB on Twitter @CGasper & @WCVB
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