41 minutes | Apr 21, 2021

Danny Ainge shoots straight on the Celtics expectations, Brad Stevens' future, Kemba Walker's health, and Gordon Hayward's exit

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge checks in for a State of the Celtics discussion. In February, Ainge famously declared that his team was not championship caliber. Has he changed his mind after the team's recent winning streak? Ainge goes to bat for Brad Stevens, who has come under fire this season, and explains why his coach isn't going anywhere with six seasons left on Brad's contract. He also reveals that Kemba Walker's knee shouldn't be a long-term concern and defends the departure of Gordon Hayward and the trading of first-round pick Desmond Bane. Plus, producer Ellen Fleming digs into Ainge's infamous Chipotle VIP status and angles for a black card of her own from the restaurant. Email the Take 5 podcast at Take5@WCVB.com Follow Chris Gasper and WCVB on Twitter @CGasper & @WCVB
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