5 minutes | May 8, 2021

This Is An Anthem

Tag Paid Go -  EP 49: This Is An Anthem In this episode I try something a little different and welcome in a guest host. John Beyer will be filling in those shoes to see how they fit. I also call the Bath Salts Association LIVE on air.  My featured song is called Anthem Song.  Listen to past episodes and songs at: www.tagpaidgo.com Sign up for the newsletter - news.tagpaidgo.com ----more---- TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to another episode of tag paid go. I am scott and I’ll be your host this evening. I’m gonna try something a little different moving forward.  I am gonna have a guest host.  My second if you will.  If something ever happens to me like say, I get mauled by a Dracula and I cant record a particular show, then my guest host will take over.  This week’s guest host is a friend of mine, John Beyer. John was a previous guest and has graduated to guest host. Hey John John - hey - excited to be dong this John, you ever been mauled by a Dracula?  John - uhh,No. Wow, that sounds terrifying John As guest host, John has some pretty cool things lined up for this week’s show. John - I do, I have … Hold that thought John Have you or someone you loved ever had to deal with colder than normal cups?  Wished you could turn up the heat.  Well now you can with HOT CUP.  It’s a cup that’s..hot……hot cup, its a cup that’s hot..huhhhh….HOT CUP!  As you know, 3 episodes ago, I made my top 5 post covid list.  Things I wanna do post covid.  I mentioned bath salts. Then 2 episodes ago, I got a very negative letter asking me to remove said episode.  Then last week I crafted my own letter to send back.  Well, have a phone number to call and I’m gonna call LIVE on air.  You’ll get to hear FIRST hand the kind of people I’ve been dealing with for the last few weeks.  They’re really making me hot. Speaking of hot, there’s a new product thats ON FIRE - Do you know what it is? IT’s HOT CUP.  It’s a CUP, that’s HOT. I know what you’re thinking.  How does it work? What makes it different than any other cup? This cup is hot.  Order today and receive another HOT CUP FOR FREE. Just pay shipping and handling and product costs.  Call today! Well here’s my favorite part ofthe show where I feature one of MY songs. Sit back with a hot cup of whiskey infused tea and enjoy.  This ones called Anthem Song.  SONG Well that does it for this weeks episode of tag paid go.  Id like to thank John Beyer for cohosting today.  Sorry we couldn’t get to your show plans.  Can’t wait to find out what you have in store for next week! I’d also like to thank our sponsor - HOT CUP. Backed by science and the good ol fashioned American dream, HOT CUP is taking the world by storm.  If you’re not completely satisfied, HOT CUP can also be utilized as medium temperature cup.  HOT CUP - Innovation Engineering. I’d also like to thank all of you for listening in.  Take a sec to subscribe.  Also sign up for the Tag Paid Go Newsletter at news.tagpaidgo.com Everyone stay safe.   Take care of each other Till next time Tag  - paid - go
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