7 minutes | Jan 14, 2021

Prince and The New Years Resolution

Tag Paid Go - Ep 42 - Prince and The New Years Resolution. This episode I talk about the top 3 fitness gadgets to help you with your New Years goals. My featured song is called "Chocolate Bunny”. Listen to past episodes and songs at:www.tagpaidgo.com----more----Transcript:Welcome to the 2nd hour of the tag paid go morning show. Timothy Jr will is on sports and Ms Lilly Evenbright will be bringing you the traffic for your early morning commute.  On today’s show I’m gonna talk about 3 of the most popular fitness gadgets to kick start your New Years resolution. Also. What are YOUR New Years resolutions.  Comment below and maybe I’ll read yours LIVE on air!Before we get to that a word from our sponsor - Conway Motors of New Hampshire.  I’m gonna be looking at the top 3 fitness gadgets to help you get thru your New Years fitness goals.  The first is The Yuro magnetic folding bike.   Not  only does this bike fold up for easy storage, it can also stick to any large magnetic surface like a refrigerator or an MRI scanner.  Next is the usb powered hydro flask.  Keep you water cold for up to 4 months with this usb powered container.  It also charges your mobile device when hydration is not so important.   And now a word from our sponsor. It’s now time to see what YOU wrote as YOUR New Years resolutions.Jan from Roanoke says “ My New Years goals are to organize my closet an exercise morePete from PA says, “I’m gonna start my own candle making company”Lawrence from silver lake says “I cant wait to start exercising more and eating right so I can build some muscle and finally show my old man who’s boss.  I’ve been living in his house for 33 years it’s time I get to choose what we watch on TV.  2021 and I’m getting things done!Take it away SamIt’s now time to sit back with a glass of lemon infused cayenne water sweetened with honey. This song is called Chocolate Bunny.  Enjoy! Well that does it for this weeks episode of Tag Paid Go.  You can catch earlier shows and songs at tagpaidgo.com. If you like what you hear, Make sure to smash that subscribe button below.  I wanna thank our sponsor Conway Motors of New Hampshire.  Conway Motors beats the rest because THEIR bathrooms are the best. I’d like to thank all of you for ushering in 2021 with tag pad go.  Tell your friends.  Spread the word.Everyone stay safe.  Be kind to each otherTill next timeTag paid go
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