6 minutes | Apr 3, 2021

My Top 5 Post-Covid List

Tag Paid Go -  EP 46:  My Top 5 Post-Covid List: This week I have a list of the top 5 things I wanna do post covid.  I also review Zack Snyder's Snyder Cut justice league movie. There's also a new song called "SONNY YESTERDAY". Listen to past episodes and songs at: www.tagpaidgo.com Sign up for the newsletter - news.tagpaidgo.com ----more---- TRNASCRIPT: Ep46 Welcome back to another episode of tag paid go.  I am still your host scott.  I was thinking about some of the things I’d like to do once we get over this covid hump and things start to resemble normalcy.   I made a list of these things and if it’s ok with you, I’d like to share them.  Wanna hear them.  Ok. Here we go.  Number 5. Oh by the way it’s a top 5 list.  Number 5. Hug a friend. ...right?  It’s been too long.  Number 4. Write a note to myself, put it in a box and then bury the box in my backyard.   Number 3. Make a circle around the buried box in my yard with store bought bath salts.  Number 2. Call that friend I hugged earlier in number 5 and tell them I have a secret to show them in my back yard.   And Number 1. And this is what I really can’t wait to do.  Dig up the box you buried in number 4 and have the friend from #5 read the note from the box.  If everything goes to plan, my friend should read an incantation that summons the demon GlipGore, who will posses my friend,  bringing  with it the end of the world. ....Man, post Covid life is gonna be freshhhh!   Zack Snyder released his version of Justice League or The Snyder Cut as it’s called.  It’s streaming on HBOMAX currently.  My review won’t spoil Zack Snyder’s Justice league Snyder cut but it will offer some insight on Zach Snyder’s vision  and what makes this Snyder cut version of justice league different from the original justice league movie aptly called “justice league”.  Before I get to my review if Zack Snyder’s justice league Snyder cut,  Do you like offering your house guests the alluring.,refreshing,  experience of feasting on a hard candy but don’t have any place to display them?  Call The hard candy vessel emporium.  They have hard candy vessels for every occasion.  Call now and they’ll throw in a hard candy TRAY for free.  Don’t  leave your hard candy in a bowl like some commoner. Call the hard candy vessel emporium today.  It’s now time for my favorite segment.  It’s my featured song.  Sit back with a speriment toffee hard candy and enjoy - This ones called Sonny Yesterday Well that does it for this weeks episode of tag paid go.  You can hear more songs and older episodes at tagpaidgo.com.  I’d like to thank our sponsor.  The Hard Candy Vessel emporium . When you need an ornate, sumptuous vessel for your hard candy, call the hard candy vessel emporium.  Your hard candy deserves the best.    Also sign up for the tag paid go newsletter at news.tagpaidgo.com I’d like to thank all of you for coming back and listening.  I also encourage you to review MY review of The Snyder Cut.  Reviewing my review ensures other reviews don’t cloud the vision of my review or what I like to call “review cut”  Everyone stay safe. Be kind to each other.  Till next time.  Tag paid go. 
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