5 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

Mr. Rogers Knows Best

Tag Paid Go -  EP 48: Mr. Rogers Knows Best: In this episode I craft a well worded response to to the Bath Salts people.  I will not be silenced. I've remixed and remastered an older song called Doc Hollywood Florida MD" Listen to past episodes and songs at: www.tagpaidgo.com Sign up for the newsletter - news.tagpaidgo.com ----more---- TRANSCRIPT Welcome to another episode of tag paid go.  I’m gonna jump right into this and not waste your time.  Last week I received a letter from the Regional Bath Salts Retailer’s Southern Association in regards to a previous episode I did featuring bath salts as a demonic summoning tool. If you wanna hear that letter, go check out my previous episode.  In short, the letter asked me to REMOVE the Episode I did mentioning bath salts. That’s my post Covid List episode. I’ll leave links in the description for clarification.  EP 46 - https://tagpaidgo.podbean.com/e/my-top-5-post-covid-list/ EP 47 - https://tagpaidgo.podbean.com/e/extra-salty-episode/ Anyway I told you I would craft a response letter to the association and Benjamin Rogers and I have. *clears throat Dear Rogers,  *ya see, I’m not gonna use the term mr in front of his name like he did with me, calling me mr scott.  That would involve me calling him mr. Rogers.  And he is NO mr. Rogers.  You ever watch mr Rogers?  Mr. Rogers was a gentle man.  He was the kind of man that would not take exception to my bath salts episode.  In fact he would marvel in the wonder that such a thing is possible.  Mr. Rogers always asked his viewers to create things.  Not tear them down. Make new friends.  Not put up walls. No.  I will not start this letter off by calling him mr Rogers.  He doesn’t hold a candle to mr Rogers...that is unless it was dark where mr Rogers was and he couldn’t see.  Then Benjamin Rogers BETTER HOLD A CANDLE.  No.  A torch. Benjamin Rogers should hold a TORCH to illuminate the room so that mr Rogers can see. Then he should remove himself from that room because he doesn’t deserve to breath the same AIR as mr. Rogers.  Speaking of air,  Did you know that air pollution makes up 70% of all pollution found in the air?  The Air Combatant Disinfectant Company has been around for 40 yrs and has a proven track record in the clean air arena -  and NOW they are assessing noise pollution.  To learn more about air and noise pollution go online and visit the air combatant disinfectant company, or AC/DC, today.   It’s now time for a little noise pollution of my own.  Sit back with a bourbon infused bourbon and enjoy.  I’ve re-mixed and re-mastered one of my earlier songs.  This song’s called Doc Hollywood Florida MD Well that does it for another episode of tag paid go.  Subscribe on THIS podcast app AND sign up for the newsletter at news.tagpaidgo.com I’d like to thank this weeks sponsor, The Air Combantant Disenfectant Company.  Rock n roll’s not air pollution, AIR pollution is.  Visit the Air Combatant Disinfectant Company today. I’d like to thank all you you for listening in.  Keep sharing the show with your friends.  It does help.  Everyone stay safe.  Be kind to each other Till next time Tag paid go
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