5 minutes | Feb 6, 2021

I Never Said That

Tag Paid Go - Ep 43 - I Never Said That.  This episode I dive into the rich history of some of my favorite foods. Also, I have a few questions about a beloved retro cartoon.  Listen to past episodes and songs at: www.tagpaidgo.com ----more---- Transcript: Welcome to another episode of tag paid go.   The other day I was driving in my car looking for a new place to get good French fries when I realized that potatoes are an ancient food used by many generations as an ingredient when building a house of stone.  You see, wolves used to attack villagers AND to stay safe, the villagers built their house of wood. Well the wood wasnt strong enough to keep said wolves out so the villagers built their house of stone.  Even material as strong as stone could not keep the wolves out.  Finally a young child by the name of Henry Cotton the third realized that mashing potatoes and using that mash as a glue would hold the stone together and keep the wolves at bay.  To this day, the term “wolf pack” means the packing of potato mash used to keep the wolves out.   This week I’d like to welcome to our show this weeks sponsor Chewy Bean Soap.  Do you think Jonny quests’ real name is Johnathan or Jack.  Well it’s now time for my featured song if the week.  Or at least this episode.   Sit back with cold bottle of cherry pop and enjoy.  This songs called I NEVER SAID THAT Well that does it for this weeks episode of tag paid go.   I’d like to thank this weeks sponsor.  Chewy bean soap.  If you love things squeaky clean Just reach for a Chewy Bean Chewwwy Bean....soap I’d also like to thank all of you for coming back and listening.   Keep sharing and telling your friends.  Everyone stay safe.  Be kind to each other.  Till next time.  Tag. Paid.  Go. 
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