5 minutes | Feb 23, 2021

I Need A Good Real Estate Agent

Tag Paid Go - Ep 44- I Need A Good Real Estate Agent. This week I give my unbiased review of WandaVision from Disney Plus(NON SPOILERS). Also, I may need a real estate agent.   Listen to past episodes and songs at: www.tagpaidgo.com Sign up for the newsletter - news.tagpaidgo.com ----more---- Ep44 Welcome back to Tag Paid Go.  I’m scott.  You just heard Love Take Me Down To The Streets.  Man I love Paul McCartney.  I have The Best of Wings 1978 on 8 track. Man I miss 8 tracks. Why don’t they make 8 tracks anymore.  I also have Blue Hawaii by Elvis Presley on 8 track.  They should rerelease 8 tracks again. So easy to listen to. And u never had to worry about finding your favorite song. They are  just. Right. there. 8 tracks were were like little musical love notes.  Love take me down to the streets.    I’d like to welcome to the show this weeks sponsor.  Franklin tires and petting zoo.   Franklin tires gets ya there Just be sure to pet the bear Franklinnnnn...tires and petting zoo.     I’ve started watching Wandavision on Disney plus.  When I went to watch this latest episode however it wasn’t available.  It was just a snowy staticky screen.  The next day the chairs in my kitchen moved.  Then my daughter disappeared.  Instead of calling the police I called a ghost hunter, cause duh.  It worked out cause the ghost hunter got my daughter back by teasing her with a tennis ball. But then I had to move Cause my house fell into a giant sink hole cause it was built on an ancient burial ground.  Luckily this hotel room has good service and I watched this latest episode of Wantavision.  If you haven’t watched wandavision, I highly suggest it.   You know what else I highly suggest? Franklin tires and petting zoo.     It’s now time for my featured song of the week.  Soon to be available in a spectrum wide 4D high definition 8 track.  Sit back with a venti black coffee and enjoy.  This songs called Open Letter     Well that does it for this week’s episode of Tag Paid Go.   Check out the You Tube Channel for music videos from some of the songs featured on past podcast episodes.  There’s also a newsletter now - sign up at news.tagpaidgo.com.  Get the latest updates and show releases.  Id like to thank this week’s sponsor - Franklin tires and petting zoo.   Franklin tires gets ya there Just be sure to pet the bear Franklin tires AND petting zoo.   Thank you for all of you for checking back in.   Keep sharing and leaving comments. Tell your friends and family! They’ll surely question your motives!  Everyone stay safe.  Be kind to each other. Till next time Tag paid go
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